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Welcome to my Mindpalace

Hi~This is my English blog where I share my knowledge towards world.

Here, A mindpalace where we index every node of wisdom’s tree together.

I forked this theme from yansu and give my greatest thankful to him.

About Me

Github: cygmris

Twitter: ChrisRen86

weibo: cygmris

My Chinese Blog:

Understanding of Blog -translated from this theme’s author

With the increasing data we’v been creating on the network, which is also our footprint on the internet,We have to treat it with our greatest sincere as our baby. But somehow, they are always seperated and distributed in several websites which make us hard to collect them together. Besides, we have no idea how to feel free to manage our info towards various websites. For the situation and consideration above, The Blog where we can totally dominate our own staff, have been walked in our life.

Moreover, We can record our life and story in growth via bloging。It’s neither fragmented as Twitter nor relational as Facebook. That is our own palace and private space.

About this platform

This Blog is generated by Jekyll ,deploying on Github.Theme was modified from 3-Jekyll .Thanks Peiwen Lu for developing such a pretty theme。

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